Available from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Car camping tours are a great alternative to motorhome holidays as they offer the best opportunity to experience ‘a night under the stars’ in New Zealand’s natural beauty.

Away from other travellers, car campers often have camping spots to themselves, especially the harder to reach beach or bush destinations.

Rental cars are also more comfortable and easier to drive than motorhomes and campervans and use far less fuel.

Our all-inclusive gear rental kits include all the outdoor camping equipment you need to make the most of your ‘back to nature’ camping holiday in New Zealand.

Adventure Camp Kits

Our Adventure Camping Hire Kits contain lightweight, compact equipment to help get you “off the beaten track” and enjoy our more remote camping spots. These kits are available to suit 1 or 2 people from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

These kits are the best option for cycle touring and hiking trips. Also a good choice for those touring New Zealand by bus or train.

Car Camp Kits

Our Car Camping Hire Kits include all the basics you need for a car camping tour of New Zealand and are available to suit 1, 2, 3 or 4 people from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.